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Najah Aziz

Master stylist Najah Aziz is the owner of Like The River The Salon whose dedication to professionalism and have changed…
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Maryum Aziz

Maryum Aziz is the LTR client coordinator and staff estetician who created our exclusive must-have product, Madinah Oil a special…
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Fellissia McDonald

Fellissia McDonald is a licensed Master Cosmetologist who graduated from…
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Regina Brown

Regina Brown is a talented and well-rounded stylist with 15 years of experience in the hair industry. A graduate of Albany Technical Institute, Regina has…
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The staff’s vast skill in styling, cutting, coloring, braiding, weaving and natural hair makes it the premiere destination for first-rate hair care service in Atlanta.

Carmen Perkins

I love being able to transform women and help boost self esteem by providing the best service I possibly can.…
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Toitti Simmons

I have a gift that was given to me where I can make someone else feel beautiful and confident…
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Nicole Weems-Wilson

I have a love for all things that are beautiful and in this industry you get to make people feel and look amazing…
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Talaya Render

I love this industry because you can make a person feel beautiful and make them happy. I love creating new styles and color… Read More